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Gorgeous gray contacts for all eye colors

Megubun wearing gray contact lensesExtremely versatile and natural-looking, gray colored lenses are a very popular choice among the most fashion-conscious of our customers. They go well with all kinds of outfits and look fantastic no matter what color your hair is or what your complexion type is. What’s more, the vast majority of them look good on all eye colors meaning that you don’t have to worry about the final effect too much - it will be marvelous! Their subtle beauty and delicate color look fabulous with everything.

Gray eye contacts are an excellent choice for those who want to try using colored contacts for the first time. If you’re not sure about wearing bright colors because you’re worried about the lenses looking fake then starting with gray models is definitely the way to go. They are elegant and versatile and as such make an ideal choice for the beginning of your contact lens adventure.

In our offer you will find tens of various shades of this color as well as different iris patterns, some of which are more natural looking than others. You can go for full coverage with, for example, Neo Cosmo 2 Tone Gray N225 or you can start with something less visible such as Freshlook ColorBlends Sterling Gray. You can try dark gray with Big Eyes Evening Gray or light gray with Queen’s Oros Ash Glance or Solitaire Pearl. Moreover, apart from purely gray lenses, the category includes ones with hints of other colors, like blue, green or brown, offering exciting and elegant combinations. And for those who are a bit more adventurous, we offer gray contacts with extravagant patterns, making their wearers' eyes seem to be made of a shiny metal or encrusted with precious stones. The choice is practically unlimited and depends only on your mood, your natural eye color and the look you have in mind.

Besides regular elegant gray contacts that you can wear on a regular basis as part of your makeup, we also have Halloween contact lenses in that color perfect for numerous occasions, not just for Halloween. Try out Zombie Gray contacts in your undead costume and you’ll be sure to make an amazing impression on all your friends and party attendees.

Which ones should I choose?

Finding your perfect set of gray eye lenses can be tricky as sometimes they are not very opaque which means that your own eye color might show through. Depending on the model you choose you can expect different results, but generally we can divide gray lenses into three main groups:

  1. Dark gray contacts - include models such as Neo Cosmo 2 Tone Grey N225, Big Eyes Evening Grey or Elegance Grey. They will most likely cover all eye colors and create a visible and vibrant effect. They work best with light and bright colored eye makeup resulting in beautiful contrast between the lenses and the eyeshadow.
  2. Medium dark lenses - these models might blend in a bit more with your own eye tint. Examples include Glamour Grey and 3 Tone Grey, both manufactured by ColourVue. These products feature various shades of gray as well as other colors that give them a realistic and sophisticated look.
  3. Light gray contact lenses - a category represented mostly by Soleko contacts: Queens Solitaire Pearl, Oros Ash Glance and Trilogy Pearl as well as Cheerful Creamy White from ColourVue brand. All of these lenses will give your eyes a beautiful light gray tint, even if your irises are naturally quite dark. Try pairing them with smokey eyes or your delicate daily eye makeup and you can be sure that people won’t be able to take their eyes off of you.

What about gray prescription contact lenses?

Miss.sg_ wearing Queens Solitaire Pearl toric contactsWhen it comes to vision correction using contact lenses gray ones are no exception - they also come in a wide selection of powers helping you see clearly on all distances. Some of them are only available in minuses but we also offer products in pluses for correcting hyperopia (farsightedness) and we even have gray toric contacts for astigmatism! It’s a huge relief to all those who previously couldn’t enjoy the benefits of colored contacts due to their complicated eye problem but always wanted to try them.

Products in this category are made of CE approved, safe materials that are breathable and comfortable to wear. Even lenses with the craziest designs are characterised by great quality, reliability and comfort. Properly maintained and cared for, they will serve you well until the very end of their lifespan.

Due to the fact that most of them are monthly, quarterly or even yearly contacts, it is immensely important to keep them clean and fresh with the use of a good quality contact lens solution. In our online store you will find everything you need to take good care of your lenses as we offer not only lens solutions with lens cases but also rewetting eye drops that will help your eyes stay moist and healthy at all times.

Benefits of our gray lenses:
  • They’re just as safe and comfortable as regular correction lenses
  • They are classy and elegant
  • They are versatile and look good on everyone, regardless of your natural eye color
  • Vast majority of them offer vision correction, some can even correct astigmatism
  • They’re available in multiple shades and at attractive prices

Check out our collection and see how much you can achieve by adding a little gray to your eyes!

Megubun wearing Neo Cosmo N225
Miss.sg_ wearing Queens Solitaire Pearl toric contacts

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