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Should I buy Freshlook contacts?

FreshLook contact lenses for an excellent changeIf you’re looking for colored contact lenses that can really make you look different, but keep the natural beauty of your eyes, Alcon’s Freshlook family is definitely worth checking out. The more so, because they also offer fantastic quality and excellent comfort, both resulting from their manufacturer’s advanced production technologies and decades of experience in the field.

Freshlook contact lenses are available in a number of fabulous designs, which were grouped under five main brand names: Freshlook ColorBlends, Colors, Dimensions, Illuminate and One Day.

The first range of Freshlook lenses, ColorBlends, are distinguished by how natural they appear. Thanks to their remarkable design, they seamlessly add various shades and tones to your eye color. You can wear them at any time and on any occasion, making others wonder about the intriguing sparkle in your eyes. And since they’re made in a wide assortment of shades, you can find a suitable option irrespective of your eye color.For example, you can easily change your eye color from blue to brown by using Freshlook Colorblends Brown. Plus, they’re manufactured in all common prescription powers, so you can wear them on a daily basis even if you need vision correction. No glasses will be necessary and your new look will not be obscured by anything.

Freshlook Dimensions, similarly to ColorBlends, can enhance your eye color without modifying it too much. Additionally, however, due to their special design, they will make your eyes appear larger than they really are. Manufactured in three stunning shades (Caribbean Aqua, Pacific Blue and Sea Green), these colored contact lenses will also provide you with excellent comfort, ensured by high water content and very high oxygen permeability.

Freshlook Colorblends Honey worn by @merrysynthIf you want to achieve a big eye effect, but prefer daily disposable contact lenses, the Freshlook Illuminate are just the thing! They are manufactured with the use of a dual-layer printing technology and utilize all the advancements that Alcon developed for its hugely popular Dailies line of contact lenses. Their models include Freshlook Illuminate Jet Black and Rich Brown. Both will make your eyes appear larger by adding a distinct ring around your irises but will not change your eye color.

Being decisively more opaque, the Freshlook Colors offer a significantly stronger effect, particularly appreciated by people with darker irises and those who want to change their eye color completely. However, the lenses never appear out of place or unnatural in your eyes. Your friends and family will notice them at once, but strangers will mostly be just impressed with how gorgeous you look wearing them. Available in a broad range of designs as well as prescription powers, Freshlook Colors contact lenses are an extremely versatile option that can be recommended to virtually all enthusiasts of colored contacts.

The last member of the family, the Freshlook One Day, are daily disposable contact lenses. Based on the fantastically comfortable Focus Dailies, these lenses are a perfect choice for those who have never tried wearing colored contact lenses or do so only occasionally. Available in a wide range of spherical powers, they offer beautifully natural eye color enhancement and safety rivaled only by the best regular contacts.

Don’t wait - choose a pair of Freshlook lenses that best suits your needs and go have some fun!

Freshlook Colorblends Honey worn by @merrysynth

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