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Crystal clarity with Coopervision contact lensesCapable of meeting the needs of practically any patient, contact lenses developed and manufactured by Cooper Vision have taken the market by storm. The company, focusing its activity on creating new and perfecting existing products, has been steadily gaining customers all around the world, becoming one of the most important contact lens producers globally.

Officially established in 1980 as a result of a reorganization of Cooper Laboratories Inc., they became the third-largest soft contact lens company in the world about fifteen years ago. However, it continues to grow, achieving milestone after milestone (for instance, exceeding $1bn in global sales, which happened in 2011) and coming up with new, groundbreaking lenses as well as other eye care products that improve our eye health and quality of life.

To make its offer more transparent to patients, they have divided their product lineup into three main contact lens families. The first one, Proclear, is famous for the use of the company’s proprietary PC Technology, which works by binding water molecules to contact lens surface, this way preventing them from drying out and causing discomfort. Available in a number of design options (standard, toric, multifocal and multifocal toric) as well as in two most commonly chosen modalities (three monthly and daily disposable), these innovative contacts strike a perfect balance between quality and affordability. As a result, they are preferred by a significant proportion of our customers.

The next brand, Biofinity, is also manufactured in multiple technical design versions, allowing patients with different eye conditions to take advantage of their unique characteristics. These mostly result from the utilization of an advanced silicone hydrogel material (referred to as comfilcon A), which gives the lenses not only extreme breathability (confirmed by the fact that they are approved for extended wear and can be safely worn for as many as seven days continuously) but also fantastic moisture levels, which are achieved with the help of its patented Aquaform technology.

The third brand from this excellent manufacturer that you can find in our online store, MyDay, uses Smart Silicone™ lens chemistry, which ensures that more oxygen is delivered to the surface of the eye in comparison with other daily disposable contact lenses while using less silicone. The latter aspect is really significant because it leads to better wettability and increased softness, both of which have a direct and positive impact on comfort. Moreover, these lenses boast very efficient UVA and UVB filters, providing your eyes with extra protection against the suns dangerous UV radiation.

Whichever of these exceptionally designed and popular options you go for, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied just as so many are.

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