Contact Lens Themes

To make your search for contact lenses easier, we divided them into the most popular color themes. Now you can easily find vampire contacts, devil contact lenses or lenses from famous movies and characters.


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Special Effects

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Crazy Contact Lenses

A treat for cosplayers and costume lovers

Halloween Contact Lenses

Awesome contacts to perfect your Halloween look

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Halloween contacts with corrective prescriptions

Mini Sclera Contacts

Huge 17mm diameter lenses for an amazing look

Sclera Contact Lenses

Fantastic lenses that will cover your whole eyes

Which theme is right for you?

Since it is not always easy to find colored contact lenses perfectly matching a given outfit or costume, we have created collections based on themes. Now you can quickly find, say, zombie or vampire contact lenses irrespective of which color dominates their design.

These collections divide contact lenses into the most popular themes, including Halloween, Rx Halloween, UV Glow, Zombie, Vampire and Devil subcategories. Just choose the one that meets your needs and check all the options we have gathered for you.

Apart from themes chosen for standard use (e.g. costume parties or comic book conventions), the collections include ones created specifically for professionals, also those working in the movie industry. On the above-listed pages, actors, make-up artists, special effects creators and directors will find designs that will look stunning on stage or on a movie set.

Don’t wait! The collections were created for your convenience and will make your search for your dream colored contact lenses truly quick and effective.