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What is contact lens cleaning solution?

Contact lens solutionYou can't live without a good quality lens cleaning product to keep your contact lenses clean, comfortable, and fresh. Unless you're using daily disposable contacts, regular cleaning and soaking your lenses in a good quality contact lens solution is an everyday necessity and a habit that should become second nature to you and a part of your daily routine. Your contact lenses are essential for keeping them healthy and comfortable. It is important to maintain a strict hygiene routine for your lenses.

How do you remove protein buildup from contacts?

Two types are the most commonly used contact lens cleaning products:

  1. Multi purpose contact lenses solution (MPS) - The most widely used and popular type of lens cleaner. They are able to clean the lenses and are an effective remover of protein deposits and dirt and also disinfects them by killing fungi and bacteria. This kind of product is usually preservative-free and can be used to clean and store soft contact lenses (soaking). These products are far more complex and effective than just saline.
  2. The hydrogen peroxide lens cleaner solution - less often used but highly effective in cleaning lenses and disinfecting them. People who are sensitive to protein buildup or suffer allergic reactions to regular multipurpose solutions may find this solution useful. You will need to use extra care and a special case, which is usually included with the lenses. You must rinse this product off before you insert the lenses. It can cause eye irritation and burning. Regular saline solution can be used to rinse the lenses, as well as an MPS.

Can I use any solution for contact lenses?

We only feature the top-rated and most trusted brands in our collection of contact lens care products. Contact lens manufacturers make them. It is said that for optimal results, they should be used with particular brands of contacts. But this is not always the best practice and your eye doctor will likely make a recommendation based on your history. For example, Acuvue Revitalens, formerly known as Complete Revitalens, is made by Johnson & Johnson, the Acuvue contact lens manufacturer, so it is recommended to use it with, for instance Acuvue Oasys. On the other hand OptiFree Pure Moist is a product made by Alcon, therefore it's best to use it with Air Optix contact lenses. Renu Multiplus from Bausch & Lomb and SoloCare Aqua (from Menicon) are other popular options for lens care. We find that it is worth trying a few to see which suits you better. Sometimes due to the composition of the solution, some feel better than others. Functionally they are all interchangeable and will all be able to clean and store your lenses well without damaging them.

You can buy all the products in this collection in different sizes to suit your needs. If you are looking for something small to take on your travels, you can either buy a 60ml Acuvue Revitalens or a 500ml Max OptiFresh for those who share a bathroom with another contact lens wearer. You can also find a wide range of products that fall between these two extremes. We offer high-quality contact lenses solutions to meet the needs of all our customers.

How to use contact lens solutions?

Safe lens use requires that you clean and maintain them on the schedule recommended by the manufacturer or your optician. Each lens user should have a fitting with a specialist. This is where proper lens hygiene will be explained and you will get a chance to try it for yourself under supervision. Contact your eye care provider if you have questions about the proper use of your lens care solution. Here are some general guidelines to help you choose the right solution for your situation.

  • Contact lens solution must be kept in a dark, cool place and not in direct sunlight
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before you clean your lenses
  • You should not mix the old and new solutions together, nor mix different brands
  • Before you switch from one brand to another or try a new solution (for instance, a hydrogen peroxide based solution), make sure you consult your eye care specialist
  • Never, under any circumstances use water to clean or soak your contact lenses
  • Regularly, replace your lens cases (e.g. once per month)

These rules apply to all contact lenses and solutions. Your eye doctor may give you more details about a particular product and its benefits to your eyes health. Also, you can read our tips on how to safely use lenses cases and how contact lens cleaning products affect lens comfort.

How to clean contact lenses

Caring for contacts is simple and can be done every day with practice. You can keep your contacts fresh, clean and healthy by following these simple steps.

  1. After removing your contacts, use the solution to coat your lenses and gently rub them on both sides. Some solutions are not meant to be rubbed. Be sure to check the instructions before getting stuck into it
  2. Rinse your lenses well
  3. Make sure to fill the lens case completely with fresh solution after having rinsed it thoroughly with solution
  4. Let your lenses soak for at least one hour in fresh contact lens solution (the manufacturer specifies the minimum soaking time)
  5. After taking your lenses out for use, you can discard the old solution in the case and rinse it off with a new batch
  6. Air dry the case while it is not being used

For more information on how to care for contact lenses and prevent eye infections, read our advice article on this topic. Also, have a browse through the rest of the articles as there is quite a lot of useful information there.

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