Colored Toric Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

Fashionable treat for all toric contact lens wearers

Spoil yourself with Color Toric Contacts

People with astigmatism generally do not have much choice when it comes to colored contact lenses. Our online shop, however, has a very interesting selection of colored toric contact lenses manufactured by Soleko. Queens Trilogy and Queens Solitaire contacts are available in eight spectacular colors each, providing their wearers with both a naturally beautiful look and perfectly corrected vision problems.

What's special about color toric lenses?

The lenses are custom made to order in an amazingly wide range of powers, cylinder powers, and axes. Highly breathable Queens Solitaire Toric contacts are replaced every three months and, thanks to their optimal water content, offer excellent comfort all day long. Queens Trilogy Toric are monthly disposable lenses, but they come in pairs, so by ordering a set, you have a 2 months worth of lens supply.

The Italian quality of production is something that makes these contacts exceptional. High European manufacturing standards and an Italian eye for fashion and beauty create an unbeatable combination.

If you have astigmatism and would like to try colored lenses, don’t hesitate! Soleko Queens are probably just what you’re looking for.

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