Colored Toric Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

Fashionable treat for all toric contact lens wearers

Is it possible to get colored contacts for astigmatism?

Miss SG wearing Trilogy Dark Green color toric contact lensesAstigmatism is more difficult to correct than myopia and hyperopia. Because the eyes of people with astigmatism aren't perfectly rounded, they can be caused by it. This causes light to focus unevenly onto the retina, resulting in blurred or distorted vision at any distance. This condition can be treated with special lenses that provide the right cylindrical power and axis.

In the beginning, astigmatism could only be treated with glasses. Contact lenses could not provide stable and sharp vision. However, thanks to rapid advancements in contact lens design, the problems were quickly solved and people with astigmatism can now enjoy the benefits of toric contact lenses as much as patients with short- and long-sightedness.

Contact lenses in color were available in the form of spherical prescription powers for many years. They were still usable by those with astigmatism, but they could cause vision problems or require glasses correction as the cylindrical prescription was not included. However now, with the latest generation of lenses, astigmatism doesn't have to be a problem when your wish to correct your vision and enhance your eyes color.

Does anyone make colored toric lenses?

Optyk Rozmus has a full range of Queens Solitaire colored contact lenses for astigmatism. Our customers will find a wide range of colors and shades. These lenses are customizable to order in many powers, cylinder powers, and axes so just about any prescription can be catered for. The high quality Italian production makes these contacts exceptional. Unbeatable combination of European manufacturing standards, and an Italian eye for fashion and beauty is what makes these contacts unique.

Queens Solitaire contact lens come in many colors including "Aqua", "Jade", "Light Blue", "Light Green", "Pearl", Spice" and "Yellow". Soleko manufactures these beautiful lenses. They are unique in design and provide excellent comfort. Queens Solitaire lenses have a 43% water content and are changed every quarter. They provide sufficient moisture content even for dry eyes. Individual Queens Solitaire contacts are also available to assist patients with different levels of astigmatism.

Soleko's second line of colored contact lens for correcting astigmatism is Queens Trilogy. Three blended tints have been carefully chosen, hence the name Queens Trilogy. There are eight amazing options available for the lenses: Amber, Blue, Choco and Dark Green, Light Green and Ocean. Ocufilcon, which is highly breathable and wettable material ensures great comfort. Lenses are replaced every month with proper care. Because of their high water content, they are comfortable all day and every day.

If you have astigmatism, Soleko Queens contact lens can be used to enhance the color of your eyes. There will be at least 2 designs that blow your mind.

Miss SG wearing Queens Trilogy Dark Green

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