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Are colored contacts safe?

Are prescription colored contact lenses safe?Yes indeed. All the products in our shop are safe and contain only FDA approved materials. They were initially only suitable for special occasions, such as costume parties. Today, colored contact lenses have become an essential fashion accessory and are often worn every day. Optyk Rozmus offers a wide range of colored lenses, including those that enhance and completely change your natural eye color. People who aren't looking to change their appearance and prefer the added sparkle and depth they offer, will generally choose the first category. These are great for parties and special occasions, as well as individuals who love to experiment with new looks and want to surprise their family and friends.

Can I get colored contacts with a prescription?

There are virtually no limits to the number of colors and shades available. There are many options for colors, including the standard blue contacts, brown, gray, and black. You also have the option to choose from more unusual designs that may surprise you. You won't need glasses if you have vision correction as most of our collection are available as prescription colour contact lenses. We also stock a large variety of plano or zero power lenses for if you just want to change your look but don't normally need to correct your eye sight.

As more people realize how wonderful it is to alter one's eyes color, prescription colored contact lenses are becoming more popular. The number of people who believe colored contact lenses are only for Halloween parties or comic book conventions is rapidly decreasing.

However, not all prescription colored contacts can be used for every occasion. There are several types of these high quality lenses that we stock.

  • Enhancement lenses change the appearance of your eyes in subtle ways. They can make a color darker, add sparkle or a new tone to the eye. This lens is worn most often and appears natural.
  • These color changing lenses are more opaque and can give users a completely different eye color. These contacts can be worn as fashion accessories to match an individual's outfit.
  • Crazy color contacts are definitely the easiest to spot. Because they are inspired by horror and fantasy creatures, their designs can often look unnatural and frightening. Crazy color contacts are most commonly worn to Halloween parties where vampire, zombie and cat eyes don't seem out of place.
  • Light-catching lenses are also available, which can be designed to catch light in a specific way. The effects may be subtle, but also very noticeable, as in the case of UV glow lenses.
  • Color contacts for astigmatism otherwise known as color toric lenses are available in a wide variety of parameters. They are hard to find online but we stock the best selection so you wont need to search any further.

Over the last few years, contact lens manufacturers have made great strides in improving the quality of the materials used to make prescription colored lenses. Color contact lenses are now as comfortable and safe as regular contacts. People who switch from them shouldn't feel any difference, even after a long day. Some colored lenses can now be purchased in daily disposable form, which offers convenience, health and clear vision. You don't have to compromise!

Even if you do not require vision correction, it is worth visiting your eye doctor to get a prescription. This will ensure that the lenses are the correct size and fit perfectly.

Don't delay! Take a look at our large selection of colored contacts, and order a pair right away!

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