Brown Contact Lenses

Lovely chocolate, hazel and golden honey tinted contacts

Why do people love brown contacts?

Sexy brown contacts worn by @merrysynthBrown, in all its wonderful shades, is a popular choice from our colour collection. These lenses, which are often very densely pigmented give your eyes an entirely new hue and depth. For dark-eyed individuals who wish to brighten up their eyes, but aren't afraid to use other colorings, the lighter shades of brown contact lenses can be a good option. Different designs will have different effects depending upon the natural color of your eyes and what lighting conditions you have. Many people choose to use different shades because of the many effects they create. It is worth trying many before you settle on one.

A selection of carefully chosen and tested brown lenses is available in our collection. These include light honey, dark chocolate and everything in-between. The most popular models are the hazel ones. You can wear them with almost any outfit. You can use our prescription brown contact lenses on a daily or monthly basis to correct your vision. These contact lenses are just as comfortable and as moisturizing as regular contacts so remain fresh and comfy all day long. Contact lenses of this category include Air Optix contact lenses, Freshlook, ColourVue, Soleko Queens, and others. They are all made to the highest quality standards with FDA approval and have been enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Each pair can be worn either monthly or quarterly depending on which line they fall under.

You will find models in this collection that are not limited to simple brown, as some of them have funky patterns. These are great for costume accessories or special occasions like a comic convention. Add a pair of these with your most stylish outfit, and you will get lots of attention from your friends.

Which brown lenses are best?

Contact lenses in brown are suitable for all kinds of makeup and outfits. You will be a shining star wherever you go if you pair honey-colored contact lens with violet or green eye shadow. The contrast between the shades will give your eyes a beautiful appearance. You can use any shade of brown contact with colorful makeup. You may be surprised at how many times and how often you use them.

Brown contacts can be worn by almost anyone, it is worth noting. People with brown eyes can make their eyes look lighter by wearing brown circle lenses, or any of the brighter models. If you have blue or green eyes, brown contacts can be used to make them appear completely different.

If you are unsure which lens to choose, refer to our following subjective guide to brown lenses. It is based upon the effect they provide.

  • Opaque - These lenses are for professional use in photoshoots and theatre plays. Such lenses include Neo Cosmo's brown models and the Big Eyes series.
  • Blending in: If you are looking for a natural appearance, these contacts will blend with your eyes and the lens' pigment. They do not guarantee complete coverage. However, these contacts can create a mixture of their tint and your own iris. The models that are available include Freshlook ColorBlends Brown, Air Optix Colors Brown, and Pure Hazel.
  • Brown eye brighteners – If you want to make your dark brown eyes look lighter, you can try some of our light brown contact lenses. These contacts can alter the intensity and delicateness of your eye color in a realistic way.
  • Lenses to alter natural eye color - These lenses are perfect for people who want to transform their natural eye color into brown. This product group includes Queens Oros and Trilogy, as well as Freshlook Color Contact Lenses & ColourVue Elegance.
  • Costume contacts with striking, stand-out patterns are for special occasions, not really for everyday use. Although they are not well-known, you can find them on our website under the Halloween eye contact section.

Check out our collection to see what you can do with your sexy brown eyes. If you are not sure what effect you are looking for then try a few different pairs and see what suits you best.

@merrysynth wearing Freshlook ColorBlends in Brown

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