Black Contact Lenses

Versatile fashion addition for special events and day to day use

Can you see with black contacts?

MerrySynth wearing black contact lensesContact lenses in black are a good choice to enhance the depth and mystery of your gaze.

Contrary to what you might think, there are many options in this collection and not just plain black lenses. You will find models here that mix black with other unusual colors, such as shades of yellow and red. This creates unique and fascinating looks. Others have semi-transparent natural and partially transparent iris patterns. This makes them look as real as they can be and blends well with the underlying eye color. And yes, because of a transparent pupil you can see in them just fine.

Many of the products presented in this collection can be worn daily or for special events. Let's take for example Blackout contact lenses or Big Eyes Dolly Black. There are many patterns to choose from, but they can either make you stand out or blend in depending on what context. Blackout covers your irises in a completely opaque black color. Big Eyes Dolly Black, on the other side, creates a more natural appearance by using an iris-like design that slightly blends into your real eyes.

The majority of our styles are made to look natural and have realistic iris patterns. There are also different shades of gray mixed in with the main color. People who wear glasses or prescription lenses often choose them for their everyday use. Because they are subtle and natural, they can change the appearance of your eyes. Neo Cosmo circle lenses are the best example here. These lenses will give your iris more definition, giving them a youthful, rejuvenated look. Your appearance will look younger, healthier, and more youthful due to the contrast in your iris with the sclera. This is why circle lenses are so popular. Their dark outer rim emphasizes the natural beauty and tones of the user's eyes. If you want to try a classic and renowned example of this type of contact, order a pair of Freshlook Illuminate Jet Black. They are simple in design and have a wide range of prescription powers. This has been appreciated by many satisfied customers all over the world.

Complete your costume with all black contact lenses

Some models of black contacts are meant for special occasions, as they give off an impression that is far more unnatural than normal. These contacts come in a variety of funky and crazy colors. They are very striking and will certainly be noticed even by large crowds of your friends. So, don't miss out on these lenses for your next party!

Black Titan is one of the most popular models of quirky looking contact lenses. This lens belongs to the very well-loved collection of mini sclera lenses. The lenses' large 17 mm diameter is incredibly creepy. They also come in plain black, which can be matched with any kind of costume or makeup. This doesn't only apply to Halloween, but all types of creative makeup creations can be done with them.

Sabretooth contacts are another popular choice. These black sclera contacts have a large, 22 mm diameter covering not only your iris but also the white part of your eye (sclera). This lens has a very dramatic effect and is well-received by those who want to achieve a dramatic transformation. Plain black lenses can be used with almost any look, including aliens, zombies, sea creatures, and many others. It's no wonder that they are our top-selling sclera glasses.

Prescription black contact lenses

Shortsightedness can be corrected with most models. Select your prescription and you will enjoy clear vision and great looks.

Benefits of black contact lenses

  • They look great with every type of make-up and are versatile.
  • They are distinctive and give your eyes a unique appearance
  • Some of them can create an effect called a "kawaii", which is eye enlargement.
  • They are available in different sizes for different effects
  • Many of these are available with corrective power.
  • They're as safe as regular contacts and just as comfortable

You should order a bottle of multi-purpose cleaning solutions for your contacts. Most black lenses are 3-monthly disposable. They require special care and maintenance. Zero power lenses are usually disposable once a year or six months. Therefore, they need to be kept clean and properly maintained.

You should visit a qualified eye care professional if you are using these for the first time as it's a good idea to correctly fit contact lenses before you buy. It is also a good idea to have your contact lens prescription on hand so that you can reference it while selecting your product.

MerrySynth wearing Neo Cosmo Black Cat N018 contacts

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