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Products inspired by the natural physiology of the human eye

Biotrue Contacts and Lens Care Solutions

Biotrue contact lenses and lens care solution from Bausch & LombBiotrue line of products has been developed and introduced by the renowned contact lens and lens cleaning solutions manufacturer, Bausch+Lomb. Their years of experience allowed them to create products characterized by excellent comfort, safety and reliability. What makes them stand out in the B+L portfolio and what they all have in common is their inspiration with the biology of the human eye. The range of Biotrue products includes daily disposable contact lenses and contact lens cleaning solutions.

ONEday contact lens family

These daily lenses cover practically every common eye problem contact lenses can sort out: nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), astigmatism and presbyopia.

Biotrue ONEday contacts are daily disposable lenses designed to correct myopia and hyperopia in a wide range of prescription powers. They can be used by people with nearsightedness as high as -9.0D.

Biotrue ONEday for Astigmatism, apart from correcting myopia and hyperopia give their users an excellent solution for their astigmatism. Thanks to their additional stabilization technology they stay in place all the time providing crisp and blur-free vision throughout the day. They’re available with four cylinders and a similar range of spherical powers as the basic Biotrue ONEday.

Biotrue ONEday for Presbyopia are meant for those of us who struggle with seeing things up close due to their age. These multifocal contact lenses feature a patented 3-Zone Progressive Design which divides the lens into three optical zones helping their users see clearly at all distances regardless of their age. With these contacts no reading glasses are ever needed.

What characterizes all Biotrue ONEday contact lenses in their great level of moisture that mimics the human tear film. Their manufacturer, Bausch+Lomb assures that they contain as much as 78% of water and retain almost 100% of that amount after an impressive 16 hour use. That’s much more than any other contact lens brand available on the market at the moment.

Another advantage of these daily disposable contacts that makes them quite unique compared to other brands is that they all feature a UV filter - a characteristic only shared by Acuvue products. The UV filter incorporated in Biotrue ONEday lenses blocks over 95% of UVB and over 50% of UVA radiation.

Lens Care Solution

Apart from daily contact lenses, the Biotrue line also includes a lens cleaning solution inspired by the physiology of the human eye. This multipurpose lens care solution actually contains ingredients found in human tear film, which significantly contributes to the great comfort and feeling of freshness of contact lenses cleaned and stored in it. Thanks to the addition of hyaluronan which naturally occurs in the eyes, Biotrue solution makes the lenses perfectly moist for up to 20 hours of use. What’s more, it has the same pH as human tear film making the lenses more compatible with the eyes and enhancing the disinfection process. Speaking of disinfection, this contact lens solution features not one, but two disinfecting agents which, when combined with the perfect pH provide astonishing results keeping your contacts squeaky clean. At the same time your healthy tear film proteins are not affected, so they can still do their job and maintain your eyes healthy and comfortable during lens wear. According to the manufacturer’s research, 9 out of 10 people admit that Biotrue multipurpose lens care solution helps their lenses stay comfortable and moist throughout the day.

Why should I try using Biotrue products?

Ask your eye care provider if you can try switching to Biotrue contact lenses or lens care solutions if you have any of the following issues:

  • dry and itchy eyes caused by contact lens wear
  • feeling of discomfort after using contacts for a few hours
  • problems with proper lens care and maintenance
  • allergy

This family of Bausch+Lomb products offers outstanding comfort, feeling of freshness and great safety to their users. They’re definitely worth a try if you’re a first time user or you’re struggling with lens comfort provided by your current contact lens brand. Their renowned manufacturer has an impressive expertise that allowed it to create a line of products that’s reliable and popular among millions of users around the world.

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