Korean Circle Contact Lenses

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What are circle lenses? How do they work?

Party Green Korean circle contact lensesContact lenses with a circle design (also called "big eyes" and "Korean lenses") are colored contacts that make your iris appear larger than they actually are. These lenses may have a larger diameter than regular ones, but sometimes they can achieve the same effect using special patterns. These lenses often include a dark ring around the edges and other elements. This not only makes your eyes appear larger but also makes them look more beautiful.

What brands offer circle contacts

You can shop with us for a variety of brands and models of circle contact lenses. For example, you can try the "BigEyes", a line of colored contacts that includes ten different versions (Awesome Black", Cool Blue", Definition Ring", Dolly Black", Evening Grey", Party Green", Pretty Hazel", Pretty Honey", Sweet Honey", and Ultra Violet). These quarterly lenses have a slightly larger diameter (15mm) than regular contacts and are designed by ColorVue. These lenses are comfortable, safe, and available in many spherical prescription powers. They can be worn every day as regular contacts or occasionally as it suits your mood. The company's Cheerful collection of big eye circle contacts (Carbon Grey, Cloudy Blue, Crystal Blue, Foamy Beige, Foamy Green, Foamy Beige", Foamy Green, Foamy Beige", Foamy Green", Foamy Brown", and "Marble Grey") are also available. They can be replaced every month and come in powers up to -8.00D.

Neo Cosmo also makes great big-eyed Korean lenses. They have many amazing models, such as "Black Cat", "Clover" and "Diamond". They all offer unique effects and great comfort. At the same time, they ensure proper moisture and breathability, decreasing the chance of lens-related complications. Again all available in prescription powers to suit a wide range of needs.

Daily circle lenses - Yes, they do exist!

Optyk Rozmus also stocks large-eyed contact lenses from Freshlook. Freshlook Illuminate Rich Brown & Freshlook Illuminate Jet Black disposable lenses are made on the Alcon's Dailies base, providing superior comfort, vision, and safety. They also feature technologies from other Freshlook colored contact lenses. This gives them an exceptional natural effect. They will make your eyes appear larger and more beautiful, while still looking elegant and subtle.

Don't wait! Take a look at our Korean circle contact lenses and transform your whole look.

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