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Reliable Alcon contact lensesHigh quality, reliability and constantly improved advanced technologies are what patients value in products manufactured by Alcon. Established more than seventy years ago as a tiny pharmacy located in Fort Worth, Texas, it has grown to be one of the largest and most important pharmaceutical companies as well as one of the most reputable manufacturers of contact lenses and lens care products in the world.

The contact lens giant offers its products under several different brand names, such as Air Optix, Dailies, FreshLook, OptiFree and Systane, each of which are regularly chosen by millions of people worldwide.

Famous for the comfort they provide and their extreme oxygen permeability, Air Optix contact lenses (previously sold under Ciba Vision brand name) are among Alcon’s most popular products. They are manufactured in a few options, some of which are approved for extended wear (meaning they can be worn for as long as a whole month without the need to clean or even take them out). They are also available in colored versions, bringing their exceptional comfort and safety to the world of cosmetic contacts.

The Dailies range, on the other hand, is primarily distinguished by their convenience and safety. Belonging to the increasingly popular daily disposable category, these lenses are more and more often recommended by eye care practitioners as the best option for new contact lens wearers, people who lead very busy lives, often take part in sporting activities, travel a lot as well as for allergy sufferers and children. Based on materials used and some other key characteristics, Alcon has divided the Dailies brand into two separate product lines: AquaComfort Plus and Total 1, both of which are stocked by our online store.

The next member of this fantastic contact lens family, FreshLook, is a line of colored contact lenses offering amazing designs and an opportunity to create a practically unlimited number of looks, ranging from subtle to completely wacky ones. Available in dozens of options, the lenses can be used on almost any occasion and can correct your vision problems, which makes it possible for you to wear them on a daily basis instead of regular contacts.

Apart from contact lenses, our selection includes effective lens cleaning (Opti-Free PureMoist) and multipurpose (Opti-Free Express, Opti-Free RepleniSH) solutions as well as moisturizing eye drops (Opti-Free Pro, Systane Hydration), significantly improving contact lens wearing experience.

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