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What are sclera contact lenses?

Kettuprinssi wearing Apocalypse sclera contact lensesScleral contact lenses, also known as full-eye contacts or 22 mm contacts, are the best choice if you need a bold look for your costume or if you want to leave a lasting impression on others. They are extra-large in diameter (22mm), and can cover all of your eyes making you look completely inhuman. Full eye contacts were originally used only by professionals in make-up and for photoshoots and the big screen. However, they are now available to everyone who can use regular contacts and is willing to undergo a significant transformation.

They are large and can be used to drastically alter the appearance of any outfit. The accessory is so extreme that it doesn't matter what your makeup looks like. Your vast contacts will suffice. This accessory is perfect for skilled makeup artists who want to add a cherry to the top of their creations.

Contacts with 22 mm diameter are very popular during the Halloween season. They can really lift any costume. It is certain that your impression of others at an event will be a lasting one. They are also suitable for Halloween. This collection of products is also used regularly by professional makeup artists and cosplayers. It is hard to imagine Kaneki Ken cosplaying without a pair Tokyo Ghoul contacts (which are black and red full-eye contacts). They might be attractive for people who are interested in alternative fashions or the goth subculture. Although they might not wear them all the time, they can be very useful for attending events or taking photos at spooky locations.

Are sclera contacts safe and comfortable?

Although using such large contact lenses can seem daunting at first, it is possible to get the hang of it with a bit of practice and some YouTube help. These contacts are slightly stiffer than regular contacts so they slide under your eyelids without folding or rolling. Contact lenses that are 22mm in diameter are comfortable and safe when fitted correctly. These contact lenses are made from the same materials used in regular corrective lenses. Their curvature is the same as any other contact. It will take only a few minutes for the contacts to feel comfortable on your eyes. If you have difficulty inserting the lenses, contact lens friendly drops might be helpful. However, once they are in, the effects they create will be worth it. You can be sure that they will make an impression on your guests even if you only put them in for just a couple of hours.

Keep your XXL contacts clean and fresh by keeping them in our special XXL lens case with contact lens solution. These contacts require more care than regular lenses. Remember to replace the case every few months and to clean the contacts after each use and store them with fresh solution.

How long can you wear sclera contacts?

Because of the size of the material covering your eyes, we recommend that full sclera contacts be worn for no more than 14 hours. To maintain a fresh feeling and reduce irritation, we recommend keeping lens-friendly drops handy. These can be used while your contacts are on to keep them moist. If your eyes feel dry or itchy, you can remove the lens and add some drops to your eyes before re-inserting. This is especially important if you are going out all night.

If you're a beginner, we recommend that you bring your lens case along with a small amount of solution. You can store and remove your lenses in this way if they cause irritation, which can occur in particularly smokey or dusty areas. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to take your lenses out and not having a place to store them.

Which design should you choose?

There are many styles and colors to choose from among our extra-large lenses. Each one suits a particular occasion and costume. Below is a simplified list of all the available designs, click the products tab to see all of them:

  • Plain 22mm lenses in plain color - This group includes models like Cyclops (red), Athena Blue, and Cynosure. They are easy to use with many makeups and costumes thanks to their bright and simple design.
  • Two-colored lenses - These lenses combine a colored lens with a black surround. Gremlin is the most popular of these types of scleras. It's a great choice if you love Tokyo Ghoul or are into the Saw franchise. Angel Dust (black-white) and Medusa (white-and-yellow) are two other models that have similar patterns.
  • Full eye contact with an animal theme - These contacts are inspired by the eyes and features of different animals. They can transform people into lizards or dragons. Shadowcat, Reptilla, and Dragonfly are the most popular models in this category.
  • Contagion Scleras are used to create a sickly look. They can be used to give the appearance of extreme tiredness, a severe injury to the eyes or even a terrible disease. These lenses can be used for SFX makeup, including zombie costumes and other frightening makeovers. Quasar and Contagion are just a few examples.
  • Lenses that make an extraordinary impression. There are many models of large diameter contacts with a mixture of bright colors. They create an incredible, out-of-this-world effect on your eyes. These lenses can be used to transform into aliens, demons, and other creatures. These models include Sunpyre, Thanos, and Colossus contact lenses.

Optyk Rozmus has 22mm contact lenses that will enhance your entire costume, no matter what you choose.

Kettuprinsi in 22 mm Apocalypse Scleras

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