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17mm Mini Sclera Contact Lenses

Large contacts for huge effects

Image by neoniaartist

Who wears mini sclera contacts?

When standard size crazy contact lenses are simply not enough to create the desired effect, go for mini sclera! They can provide an appearance almost as striking as the one achieved with full scleral lenses but are much easier to put in due to their slightly smaller diameter.

Because of their unusual designs, 17mm contacts are perfect for costume parties and other special events requiring a memorable look. Our collection includes a bunch of freaky designs that are great for a wide range of costumes and you are definitely going to find something suitable. Wearing them, you can become a credible zombie, vampire or another monster in no time.

Just think how many different costumes could be accompanied by our collection of freaky 17mm contact lenses. Zombies are a no-brainer (sic!). Both Venus and Deadpool 17mm mini sclera contacts are great for exactly that theme. The red model called Daredevil will help you turn into a blood-sucking, out of this world Dracula. We have multiple colors and designs that could be used with practically any theme you can imagine. You have the Green Goblin with its mesmerizing green circles, you have the versatile Tigera design with a yellow center and black edge and you also have Nebulos and Ravenous - two similar designs of 17mm contacts that will make your pupils seem super dilated. And of course we mustn't forget about the simplest, yet the most popular model of all 17mm lenses: Black Titan. These extra-large black contacts have such a long list of possible uses that it’s not even worth trying to start listing them here. Because these contacts are plain black they enhance rather than dominate your look. They are happily worn by many cosplayers, goths, punks, makeup artists and regular users for a wide range of occasions and events and sometimes simply for fun.

How comfortable are 17mm contact lenses?

Contrary to what you might expect, mini sclera contact lenses don’t differ much from regular ones as far as comfort is concerned. This is because they are made of sophisticated, breathable and wettable materials, just as normal contacts, ensuring your eyes get plenty of oxygen and moisture when you’re having fun. At the moment they are only available in plano (zero power) so if you suffer from myopia or any other eye defect, you should consider wearing glasses on top of your contacts. 17mm lenses aren’t as difficult to put in as 22mm scleras and they feel much like regular contacts once inserted. What’s more, they are quite durable, so you can use them multiple times. In fact, if you look after them properly, you might use them off and on for as long as one year. Just remember to thoroughly clean them before and after each use and to store them in a fresh contact lens solution in the meantime.

Try them now! They’re exactly what your costume needs to stand out.

Customer Reviews for our 17mm Mini Sclera Contacts

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