17mm Mini Sclera Contact Lenses

Large contacts for huge effects

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What are mini sclera lenses?

Black Titan Mini Sclera Contact LensesMini Sclera contacts are the perfect choice for those who feel standard-sized Halloween contact lenses look too boring. Their large diameter of 17mm allows them to create an extraordinary appearance that is not possible with traditional contacts. You will immediately be noticed when wearing mini sclera contact lenses. Your irises will seem huge and dazzling. These lenses are in many ways unique and will leave an unforgettable impression on others.

You can choose from a range of colors and designs including bloody red for a vampire or some other alien monster costume; spooky and plain black for your favorite Black Titan design. They're versatile and have been loved by many happy customers as the perfect way to finish a Halloween costume. They can also be used with artistic makeup, on film sets and even some people choose them for their everyday looks (black mini-scleras are very popular with fans of alternative and Gothic fashion).

Mini sclera lenses are also available in different colors. You will see them used by many professional makeup artists around the globe because of their fantastic iris enlargement effect. These designs are all unique and very hard to forget. People are likely to find your gaze quite mesmerizing even if they don't know exactly why.

Are mini sclera contact lenses safe?

These contacts, which measure 17mm in diameter, aren't difficult to use. You can insert and remove them just as quickly as traditional contacts with a little practice. If you are looking to get full eye-sclera lenses, you might start with these 17mm contacts before upgrading yourself. However, the latter can be more difficult to master so these contacts are a great starting point. These mini sclera lenses are constructed from FDA approved materials and have been proven by thousands of users to be as comfortable and as safe as regular lenses. If cared for properly, one pair can be worn multiple times per year.

17mm contacts can only be purchased as plano (zero powered) lenses due to their special manufacturing process. Layering in a lens to provide prescription powers isn't currently something that's available. If you purchase a pair, make sure to keep a bottle of contact lens cleaning solution on hand for cleaning your contacts and storage. Standard lens cases are big enough to hold 17mm diameter lenses. But some people find it easier and more convenient to store them inside a 22mm full sclera lens case. This is also something you can order from our website.

How long can you wear mini sclera contacts?

Mini scleral contacts are the best option for those times when regular size crazy contact lenses do not provide the desired effect. Mini sclera lenses can produce an almost as striking effect as full sclera, but are much simpler to handle and insert due to their smaller diameter.

17mm contacts, with their unusual designs are ideal for costume parties and other special events that require a memorable look. Our collection has a variety of weird designs that can be used with a variety of costumes. You are sure to find something you like. They will allow you to quickly become a credible vampire, zombie, or another type of monster.

You can't possibly imagine how many costumes our collection of bizarre 17mm contacts lenses could complete. Zombies are easy to identify. This theme is best represented by Venus and Deadpool mini sclera contact lenses. Daredevil, a red model, can help you transform into a blood-sucking Vampire. Many colors and designs can be used with virtually any theme. There are the Green Goblin's mesmerizing green circles. There is also the Tigera design, which has a yellow center and black edge. You can also choose from Nebulos or Ravenous, two designs that will make your pupils seem very wide and dilated. Black Titan, which is the simplest and most popular of all 17mm lenses, must be mentioned. These extra-large black contacts offer so many uses it's difficult to even begin listing them. Because they are plain black, these contacts will enhance rather than dominate your look. They are loved by many, many cosplayers.

17mm sclera lenses are surprisingly comfortable, contrary to what one might expect. These contact lenses are made out of the same sophisticated, breathable, and wettable materials as normal contacts. This means that they provide comfort and ensure your corneas get enough oxygen and moisture to keep you and them happy. They are currently only available as plano (zero power), so if myopia is a problem you suffer from or you need another kind of vision correction, it's worth wearing glasses if you can't go without them. Our customers often find that 17mm lenses are easier than 22mm, and they feel almost like regular contacts. These lenses are very durable and can be reused many times. If you care for them well, they can last up to one year. When not in use, remember to clean them well and store them in a fresh case and contact lens solution.

Why buy mini sclera contact lenses?

Mini Sclera (17mm) is the best option if you need something larger than a regular-sized color lens (15mm), but not as large as full sclera lenses (usually 22mm).

They are sure to improve and complete any costume and have a stunning effect on the final finished effect. These mini sclera lenses are easy to wear and comfortable, but not something you would use every day unless your preference is for a more dramatic or gothic look. Your eyes will appear bigger thanks to their unusual colors and patterns. You'll definitely be noticed at events and parties. They will make your costume stand apart like no other single element.

Because of their longevity, you can wear them for many occasions if you take care of your eye and lens hygiene diligently.

You should try them!

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