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UV Glow Contact Lenses

Bright color contacts that shine under UV light

Image by amberskiescosplay

Glow Blue Contact Lenses
$27.40 $32.99
Glow Green Contact Lenses
$27.40 $32.99
Glow Orange Contact Lenses
$27.40 $32.99
Glow Pink Contact Lenses
$27.40 $32.99
Glow Pink Jubilee Contact Lenses
$27.40 $32.99
Glow Red Contact Lenses
$27.40 $32.99
Glow White Contact Lenses
$27.40 $32.99
Glow Yellow Contact Lenses
$27.40 $32.99
Glow Electric Blue Contact Lenses
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How do UV glow contacts work?

If you have ever dreamed of making your eyes glow in the dark, you’ve come to the right place! A new type of contact lens available at Optyk Rozmus online store will make it happen.

UV reactive contact lenses may seem quite ordinary during the day (unless you choose a crazily bright color version), but after dark, under UV light, they start to shine as if you were an alien or some other fantastic creature. It's all thanks to special pigment, which is sensitive to UV rays. You can choose between blue, green, red, orange as well as white and pink color options. Also, you can go for clear contacts, which are totally invisible until somebody shines UV light on them. The Electric Blue model is exactly like that - completely transparent during the day, but under UV light in a club, shining with a beautiful blue tint. What’s more, it’s the only model of these funky contacts that covers your whole iris as well as pupil, creating an unforgettable effect.

These amazing glowing contact lenses use the latest technologies, resulting in not only an incredible look but also excellent comfort and safety. Thanks to the patented sandwich manufacturing technology, the color layer gets encapsulated between two, ultra-thin layers of the hydrogel lens, which assures maximum safety for your eyes. At the moment they are manufactured only in zero power, so you might need to wear glasses over the contacts if you generally require prescription lenses. Not to worry though, the impression these contacts provide cannot be easily spoiled by some spectacles - after all, they glow in the dark!

What’s worth mentioning is the fact that these contacts are yearly disposable, so if you look after them properly, you make sure to store them in a lens cleaning solution and maintain high level of care and hygiene, you can enjoy their groovy looks on many different occasions. Remember that they need UV light to shine in the dark, otherwise they won’t glow. They will still, however, allow you to stand out from the crowd thanks to their bright colors. For this reason, they are a good choice for Halloween, as you might go clubbing and make good use of their glowing properties, but if you decide not to, your costume will still look amazing.

So whether you want to become a funky zombie with shining white eyes, an alien with glowing green irises or even the classic Terminator with one red eye, there is no stopping you with UV contact lenses. Take a look at the color options we have in this category and give them a try. UV glow lenses will truly turn your outfit and makeup into something unique.

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