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Prescription Halloween Contact Lenses: English in GBP
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Prescription Halloween Contact Lenses

Creepy looks, unspoiled by glasses

Image by arteviscu

Anaconda Contact Lenses
$21.99 $28.99
Anaconda - EXPIRY 2020
$10.99 $28.99
Avatar Contact Lenses
$21.99 $28.99
Avatar - EXPIRY 2020
$10.99 $28.99
BlackOut Contact Lenses
$21.99 $28.99
Blood Shot Contact Lenses
$21.99 $28.99
Blood Shot - EXPIRY 2020
$10.99 $28.99
Cat Eyes Contact Lenses
$21.99 $28.99
Dragon Eye Contact Lenses
$21.99 $28.99
Dragon Eye - EXPIRY 2020
$10.99 $28.99
Eclipse Werewolf Contact Lenses
$21.99 $28.99
Green Werewolf Contact Lenses
$21.99 $28.99
Hell Raiser Contact Lenses
$21.99 $28.99
Hell Raiser - EXPIRY 2020
$10.99 $28.99
Lunatic Contact Lenses
$21.99 $28.99
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How to finish a Halloween costume?

Every year in October preparations begin for one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. Halloween gives you the opportunity to turn into a creature of fantasy which feels like something quite special if you’re not a full-time cosplayer who gets to do it on a regular basis. In order to complete and polish your costume, you need to plan not only your outfit but more importantly, your makeup. Contact lenses are definitely an essential part of any Halloween makeup. For many, it’s hard to imagine attending a costume party without a pair. Fortunately, our selection of special effect contacts is pretty vast, so finding a design that suits your costume is not an issue. What about people with vision conditions such as myopia (otherwise known as nearsightedness) though? Do they get to enjoy their costume party with the perfect creepy look they hoped to achieve? Yes, with a pair of prescription Halloween lenses it is possible.

There’s no need to choose between perfect vision and a fantastically creepy look. The prescription Halloween contacts that are available at our online store have been selected thoroughly to ensure the highest possible quality and safety, at the same time giving you the opportunity to transform into one of many different otherworldly characters. Whether you want to perfect your infected zombie costume or turn into a blood-thirsty vampire, there’s no stopping you with a pair of our fantastic prescription lenses. But our selection doesn’t only consist of white or red contacts, normally associated with Halloween themes, oh no! You can choose from different colors that include orange, blue, yellow or green and multiple designs suitable for practically any spooky or gory creation, be it a creepy clown or a majestic dragon straight form a fantasy video game.Wearing our lenses, you are able to quickly become a convincing vampire, werewolf, zombie or a sexy cat. Our selection is truly outstanding and you’ll definitely find something for yourself here.

Do I need a prescription to buy Halloween contacts?

If you’re worried about the safety and quality of the products presented in our collection, worry no more. As an optician we only offer the best contact lenses available on the market, so you can be certain that you will never find counterfeit or repackaged products in our offer. The list of manufacturers that we chose to source from includes only reputable and well-established entities with years of experience and technological innovation. As medical devices contacts presented in this category are made according to the strictest standards of safety and comfort, using reliable and tested materials approved by the FDA, so that your eyes always feel well hydrated and fresh, even after hours of wearing them.

Before you order your pair of prescription Halloween contacts, make sure to obtain a valid contact lens prescription from your eye care provider. Even if you don’t really need vision correction and you’d only like to purchase plano (zero power) Halloween lenses, it is still necessary for you to undergo an eye test and a lens fitting session with your eye doctor. To find out why it is so important to have a lens fitting first, read this article from our Advice section. You may also provide us with your eye doctor’s details and we will verify your script for you. That way you can be sure that what you’ve ordered is in accordance with your doctor’s recommendations and you can safely enjoy your new crazy look.

So if you are looking for special contact lenses to complete your costume, but are worried that your glasses will spoil the whole effect, check out our prescription contacts. You are welcome to use them for multiple occasions for up to three months. Just pick a design, provide your prescription details and party without any compromises! Oh! and remember to get a bottle of solution to care for them properly.

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