Freshlook ColorBlends True Sapphire Contact lenses

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Freshlook ColorBlends True Sapphire Contact lenses

Reasons to buy Freshlook ColorBlends True Sapphire Contact lenses

Try out something more striking than regular blue contacts! Freshlook Colorblends True Sapphire provide you with an amazingly deep blue color that makes your eyes look like precious sapphires. Wear them with delicate make up on a daily basis and look sexy every day. You can enjoy their beauty every day, even if you need eye correction as they are available in powers.


  • Sapphire monthly disposable contact lenses
  • Very natural look
  • Available in powers from -8.0 to +6.0
  • Also available in 0 power
  • BC 8.60, DIA 14.5
  • Special 3-in-1 color blending technology
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