Biotrue ONEday Contact lenses

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Biotrue ONEday Contact lenses

Reasons to buy Biotrue ONEday Contact lenses

An innovation on the daily disposable contact lens market - Biotrue ONEday contact lenses from Bausch+Lomb are made of a new material, never used before, hypergel. Thanks to the fact that their outer layer is made of lipids mimicking the natural human tear film, they feel very comfortable and easy to wear, Their water content is also bio-inspired - it is exactly the same as the human cornea, 78%. Thanks to all these features, Biotrue ONEday contacts are one of the most promising products on the market. 


  • 30 contact lenses per box
  • Daily disposable contacts
  • BC/DIA: 8.6/14.2
  • Available in powers from +6.0 to -6.50 in 0.25 steps and from -7.0 to -9.0 in 0.5 steps
  • Made of a brand new material - hypergel
  • Bioinspired lenses - they mimic the natural tear film of the eye
  • The same water content as human cornea - 78%
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