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Black Titan 17mm Mini Sclera

Our price: $24.99
2 lenses
Black Titan 17mm Mini Sclera
Brand: ColourVue
Deeply black contact lenses ideal for any costume party and face paint. Thanks to ColourVue mini sclera Black Titan contacts your eyes will gain a mesmerizing look.


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ColourVue Mini Sclera Black Titan contact lenses on @vonmiguel87Extra large black contact lenses that are easy to wear and much cheaper than the enormous scleral contacts. ColourVue mini sclera Black Titan contacts have a diameter of 17mm, which makes them visibly bigger than the regular big eyes lenses, but smaller than sclerals. Thanks to their deep black color, they will create an amazing effect on your eyes that will go perfectly with any type of costume and make up. Order now!


  • big, 17mm diameter contact lenses
  • B.C: 8.6
  • bigger than big eyes contacts, but smaller than sclera 22mm
  • only plano (zero power) lenses
  • 3-monthly disposable contacts
  • 2 lenses per box

Reviews for Black Titan 17mm Mini Sclera

Number of reviews: 5
Average Rating: : 4.2 out of 5
4.2 out of 5
Helsinki Finland
“I love love loove these! So comfortable to wear and looks killer! The only thing i wish that the clear hole for the sight would be a tinytiny bit smaller as my own eyecolour is peaking a bit trough. Despite that, this is a musthave in your collection!”
4 out of 5
“I love these mini sclera, they're soft and comfy. Gives a supernatural and dolly look. You can check mi video review for more info and pictures https: www.youtube.com watch?v=nKpbmrVoAeU”
5 out of 5
Ontario, Canada
“These lenses make your eyes look huge! They are very comfy and easy to wear, even for long periods of time. Love them!”
5 out of 5
“The hole for the pupil is so large that your iris can be still seen. Instead of one big black circle as in the stock photo, you get a weird extra ring in the middle of your own eye colour which totally spoils the effect. This was especially true in good lighting; possibly if you only wear them in low-light conditions, your pupil would widen to fill the gap, or if your eyes are very dark-coloured it wouldn't be so obvious. But for natural daylight and light-coloured eyes, it's not good at all.
2/5, because they're comfortable, and even with the spoilt effect, they were more suitable than black 14mm lenses.”
2 out of 5
“These lenses look so cute! They make your eyes look HUGE and a little bit alien-ish :D
Applying process is little bit tricky at first, but with a little bit of practice it's as fast and easy as with normal sized lenses.
I don't recommend these for the very first lenses tho”
5 out of 5
Black Titan 17mm Mini Sclera
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Average Rating: 4.2 - See all reviews

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Black Titan 17mm Mini Sclera

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