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FreshLook Illuminate Jet Black

Our price: $16.99
10 lenses
FreshLook Illuminate Jet Black
Related Categories / Alcon / Freshlook / Daily / Colored / Black / Big Eyes / Party / Glamorous
Brand: Alcon
Black daily disposable iris enlarging contact lenses . They are made using a dual-layer printing technology to match the natural shades of your eyes. A black ring gives a striking, sexy effect.

Out Of Stock

This product is currently unavailable for purchase.

Try now these beautiful black daily disposable eye enlarging contact lenses. Without and with Freshlook Illuminate Contact Lenses

There is a striking black  ring on the lens, created to enlarge and enhance the eye. It’s made with the use of a dual-layer printing technology to match the natural brown and black shades of the eyes.

Freshlook Illuminate Jet Black are perfect for people with dark eyes. If your eyes are light colored, try Freshlook Illuminate Rich Brown instead.

Plano contact lenses are in stock and now available, while waiting time for the remaining powers is about 1 week.

FreshLook Illuminate Jet Black
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Average Rating: 4.3 - See all reviews

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FreshLook Illuminate Jet Black

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Reviews for FreshLook Illuminate Jet Black

Number of reviews: 4
Average Rating: : 4.3 out of 5
4.3 out of 5
“Great colour and everything, they look amazing, but they feel really uncomfortable since I cannot modify the base curve and diameter to fit my eyes.”
3 out of 5
“I wear these all the time, they make my eyes look bigger and sexier but don't change my natural colour. I love them because no one ever knows I'm wearing them. Thanks”
5 out of 5
“Nice big eyes effect and great value but not as good as the colourvue bigeyes range or the neo's they are the best by miles!”
4 out of 5
“So sexy and comfortable, and really cheap too! Of all the zero power big eyes lenses i've used these are the best.”
5 out of 5