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Yellow Contact Lenses

Wide selection of beautiful honey, gold and crazy bright yellow lenses for various occasions.

Image by kettuprinssi

2 Tone Honey (N228) | Yellow Contact Lenses
Lemon honey petals circle the pupil. Hints of dandelion and summer nights.
$17.99 $28.99
Air Optix Colors Honey | Yellow Contact Lenses
Gorgeous golden browns blended for a rich honey eye color change.
$26.99 $34.99
Angel Dust 22mm Sclera | Yellow Contact Lenses
Black sclera lens with a yellow area covering the iris - great for cosplay and costume parties.
$95.99 $119.99
Avatar | Yellow Contact Lenses
Become the beautiful Neytiri or handsome Jake Sully. Yellow iris with a slightly darker outer edge.
$21.99 $28.99
Bio Hazard | Yellow Contact Lenses
Danger zone! Black bio hazard symbol on yellow background. Great for zombie-themed events.
$21.99 $28.99
Blackhole Sun 17mm Mini Sclera | Yellow Contact Lenses
Mini sclera contact lenses with the diameter of 17mm - easy to wear and comfortable in use and yet such a striking effect! Order now!
$24.99 $31.99
Cat Eyes | Yellow Contact Lenses
Cat lover? Now you can look like one of them. Bright yellow iris with a large slit pupil just like a kitty cat. Great for lizard and alien looks.
$20.89 $28.99
Darth Maul | Yellow Contact Lenses
Very realistic Darth Maul eyes now can be yours! Turn into deadly Star Wars character and scare the hell out of your friends with your new look.
$21.99 $28.99
Dragon Eye | Yellow Contact Lenses
Large red iris with a fiery yellow flare surrounding a black slit pupil. Ideal for dragon, reptile and other creatures of the night.
$21.99 $28.99
Dragonfly 22mm Sclera | Yellow Contact Lenses
Yellow full scleral lens with red blood vessel details and a black vertical slit through the pupil. Ideal for dragon, insect, reptile and alien looks.
$95.99 $119.99
Flame Hot | Yellow Contact Lenses
Awesome contacts with a yellow, orange and red flame design. Will give your eyes a fun Hellboy inspired look.
$21.99 $28.99
Freshlook ColorBlends Honey | Yellow Contact Lenses
Gorgeous golden lenses from Freshlook Colorblends. These fantastic honey contacts will look amazing with brown or green make up, regardless of the occasion. Try now!
$25.99 $32.99
Glamour Honey | Yellow Contact Lenses
ColourVue Glamour Honey contacts will make you look sweet as honey! Your eyes will be bigger and they'll gain a pretty gold color. Wear them every day and enjoy your new sweet looks!
$17.09 $28.99
Glow Orange | Yellow Contact Lenses
If you like to shock with your looks, try these freaky orange contacts that glow under UV light. The shocking effect guaranteed!
$24.99 $32.99
Glow Yellow | Yellow Contact Lenses
Fantastic glowing contacts will make your eyes look like little Moons! ColourVue Glow Yellow contact lenses will emit yellow shine under UV light. Two lenses in a pack.
$24.99 $32.99
Luminor | Yellow Contact Lenses
Order a pair of ColourVue Crazy Luminor contact lenses and turn into a real beast! These black and orange contacts will give you a mesmerizing and mysterious look, perfect for multiple special occasions.
$21.99 $28.99
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What kinds of yellow contacts are there?

At first sight, the category is for the fans of crazy colored contact lenses. However, it includes a wide range of designs, also delicate and subtle ones possible to wear on a regular basis, even on more formal occasions. Golden, honey or light brown lenses appear quite elegant and will definitely be appreciated by those who prefer slight changes to their natural eye color.

Bright yellow contacts, on the other hand, may turn out to be perfect elements of fancy dress party costumes. Some of them cover more than just the iris, optically enlarging your eyes and giving you an exceptionally creepy look, so welcome at Halloween bashes.

Naturally, the lenses are made of high-quality materials and provide fantastic comfort. They are often available in corrective versions, covering the most popular powers and base curves, so you don’t need to combine them with glasses to enjoy perfect vision.

If you’re thinking about adding a little (or a lot!) yellow to your eye color, check out this category! You’ll definitely find something special for yourself!