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Violet Contact Lenses

With violet contact lenses your eye color change will be definately noriced. They provide a very significant eye color change yet all of them look very natural and blend well with make up. Violet contacts go especially well with green make up and dark hair but they will look brilliant on absolutely anybody.

Neo Cosmo - Violet Contact Lenses (N233)
Gorgeous cosmetic contact lenses designed for people who value natural look and comfort. Neo Cosmo N233 Violet contacts provide a unique violet eye tint along with flawless eyesight correction. Order a box now!
$19.99 $28.99
Neo Cosmo - 2 Tone Violet Contact Lenses (N223)
Try now these beautiful violet prescription contact lenses! They feel great in the eye and provide eye vision correction and pretty eye color change during the whole day. A pack of two 3-monthly disposables.
$19.99 $28.99
4.7 out of 5
Neo Cosmo - Violet Color Ring Contact Lenses (N023)
Thanks to Neo Cosmo Violet Colour Ring N023 contacts your eyes will gain a beautiful violet color, a sexy eye enlargement as well as vision acuity. A pack contains two 3-monthly lenses.
$19.99 $28.99
4.7 out of 5
Soleko Queens Oros Mystery Violet Contact Lenses
Try these lenses out now! Queens Oros Mystery Violet contacts provide great vision correction as well as gorgeous violet color and all of that comes with a lens case!
$28.99 $42.99
Soleko Queens Solitaire Violet Contact Lenses
Stunning Queens Solitaire Violet contact lenses are available in powers ranging from -20 to +20, which makes them suitable for almost all contact lens users. Order them now!
$37.99 $44.99
ColourVue Glamour Violet Contact Lenses
The violet color of these lenses is quite unusual, which makes ColourVue Glamour Violet even more interesting! They provide a very natural eye change and perfect vision correction.
$17.99 $28.99
4.8 out of 5
ColourVue 3 Tone Violet Contact Lenses
Violet contacts? Why not! ColourVue 3 Tone Violet lenses provide an amazingly subtle and delicate effect, yet still making your eyes noticeably more beautiful. Want to try? 2 lenses in a box.
$17.99 $28.99
4.0 out of 5
ColourVue BigEyes Ultra Violet Contact Lenses
If you're planning a big date, wear these gorgeous violet contact lenses with green make up and you will be irresistible! They come in prescription and can be worn for 3 months.
$19.99 $29.99
5.0 out of 5
ColourVue Elegance Pink Contact Lenses
ColourVue Elegance Pink contact lenses have an unusual color but can be worn on a daily basis! They are very comfortable and available in a range of powers.
$17.99 $28.99
ColourVue Barbie Pink Contact Lenses
Fair pink color of these crazy contacts makes them look amazing on your eyes, giving you a creepy, almost zombie-like appearance. ColourVue Crazy Barbie Pink are also great for kawaii type cosplays.
$21.99 $28.99
ColourVue Glow Pink Contact Lenses
There probably isn't anything more crazy and freaky than these glowing pink contacts from ColourVue. Wear them to a night club and amaze everybody.
$24.99 $32.99
5.0 out of 5
ColourVue Glow Pink Jubilee Contact Lenses
Get a pink glow with a bit of 3D effect thanks to ColourVue Glow Pink Jubilee contact lenses. They glow in UV light and have a more natural texture than traditional glow contacts.
$24.99 $32.99
5.0 out of 5
ColourVue Sclera Colossus 22mm Contact Lenses
If you want to bring vivid color and mesmerizing look to your costume, ColourVue Sclera Colossus 22mm contact lenses is what you should try. Order them now and enjoy your new funky look!
$95.99 $119.99
Freshlook ColorBlends Amethyst Contact lenses
These amazing amethyst contact lenses will look the best when combined with green eye make up or delicate, peachy lipstick. Wear them and look and feel gorgeous.
$25.99 $32.99
4.0 out of 5
Freshlook Colors Violet Contact lenses
Look gorgeous with beautiful opaque Freshlook Colors Violet contact lenses. They will totally cover your natural eye color givng them a pretty violet shine. Try now!
$25.99 $32.99
3.3 out of 5
Soleko Queens Solitaire Violet Toric Contact Lenses
Fancy having violet eyes but your astigmatism stopped you from wearing colored contacts? Not any more. With Soleko Queen's Solitaire Violet you can enjoy both beautiful eye color change and astigmatism correction. Order now!
$32.99 $44.99