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Grey Contact Lenses

Mysterious and mesmerizing look that suits everyone.

2 Tone Grey (N225) | Grey Contact Lenses
Graphite etchings on a night black board. Striking with dark eye makeup.
$15.99 $28.99
3 Tone Grey | Grey Contact Lenses
Relatively subtle color changer. Suit just about any outfit or situation.
$17.99 $28.99
3 Tone Grey (N325) | Grey Contact Lenses
Add a beautiful silver spark. Go well with any type or color of make up and hair.
$15.99 $28.99
Air Optix Colors Gray | Grey Contact Lenses
Order now Air Optix Colors Gray contact lenses and enjoy a vision correction and comfort provided by Aqua technology and a beautiful new look.
$26.99 $34.99
Air Optix Colors Sterling Gray | Grey Contact Lenses
One of the most popular Freshlook colors is now available on a modern, oxygen permeable material and with special Aqua technology that assures great comfort and crisp vision.
$26.99 $34.99
BigEyes Evening Grey | Grey Contact Lenses
Enlarge your eyes and give them mysterious grey color with ColourVue Big Eyes Grey contact lenses. They come as 3-monthly disposable prescription lenses.
$19.99 $29.99
Black Cat (N018) | Grey Contact Lenses
If you wear these beautiful grey contact lenses with feather-like pattern you will not remain unnoticed - try them now! They come in a pack of two 3-monthly disposable contacts.
$15.99 $29.99
Elegance Grey | Grey Contact Lenses
If you're looking for a universal color and a delicate eye change, ColourVue Elegance Grey are the way to go.
$14.39 $19.99
Eyelush Grey | Grey Contact Lenses
ColourVue Eyelush Grey contacts have a hint of silver in them which makes your eyes sexy and hypnotizing. There are two 3-monthly lenses in the box.
$14.39 $19.99
Fluffy Grey (N075) | Grey Contact Lenses
With these beautiful silver-grey contact lenses your eyes will gain a sexy depth. They go perfectly with all kinds of make-up and hairstyles which makes them a great beauty accessory for every day use. Three-monthly lenses.
$15.99 $28.99
Freshlook ColorBlends Gray | Grey Contact Lenses
These lovely monthly disposable contact lenses are a great and universal cosmetic accessory - grey color of Colorblends Gray goes perfect with anything!
$25.99 $32.99
Freshlook ColorBlends Sterling Gray | Grey Contact Lenses
These beautiful monthly disposable contact lenses are among the most popular colored contact lenses in the world. Their grey color will suit everybody. 2 contact lenses per box.
$25.99 $32.99
Freshlook Colors Misty Gray | Grey Contact Lenses
Freshlook Colors Misty Gray are the most striking and distinct grey contact lenses that will give your eyes an incredible depth and magic. Try them now - they are gorgeous!
$25.99 $32.99
FreshLook One Day Grey | Grey Contact Lenses
These fantastic grey colored contact lenses are daily disposable, which assures great comfort and ease of use as well as pretty looks. Try Freshlook One Day Grey now and look lovely!
$16.99 $26.99
Glamour Grey | Grey Contact Lenses
A product perfect for everybody who values natural looks and practical use - ColourVue Glow Grey contacts look fantastic with any make up color and can be worn every day.
$17.99 $28.99
Grey (N235) | Grey Contact Lenses
With these gorgeous grey contacts you can enjoy great looks and excellent vision quality on a daily basis. Neo Cosmo N235 Grey contact lenses have a universal tint that will match any make up and hair color. Order online now!
$15.99 $28.99
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Grey contacts - a versatile fashion accessory

If you want a subtle eye color change and keep your look as natural as possible, grey colored contact lenses are probably the best possible choice. They are really universal and go well with all kinds of make-up and suit a wide variety of styles, often adding a little mystery to your appearance.

Apart from purely grey lenses, the category includes ones with hints of other colors, like blue, green or brown, offering exciting and elegant combinations. And for those who are a bit more adventurous, we offer grey contacts with extravagant patterns, making their wearers' eyes seem to be made of a shiny metal or encrusted with precious stones.

Our grey colored contact lenses can be bought in a wide range of powers, as a result of which they may be worn just like regular contacts. What is more, they are made of state-of-the art materials, providing excellent safety and comfort all day long, so you can keep your favorite look even late in the evening.