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Brown Contact Lenses

Choose between lovely chocolate, hazel and golden honey tinted contacts.

2 Tone Brown (N224) | Brown Contact Lenses
Gold wire tones with hints of copper and tigers eye. Mind blowing on brown eyes.
$17.99 $28.99
2 Tone Hazel (N227) | Brown Contact Lenses
Magnificent, hazel-brown tints, fiery with interest. Autumn classic.
$17.99 $28.99
2 Tone Honey (N228) | Brown Contact Lenses
Lemon honey petals circle the pupil. Hints of dandelion and summer nights.
$17.99 $28.99
3 Tone Brown | Brown Contact Lenses
Light chestnut brown shades surround the pupil for a natural, subtle look.
$17.09 $28.99
Air Optix Colors Brown | Brown Contact Lenses
Rich shades of brown that will blend seamlessly and change your natural color.
$26.99 $34.99
Air Optix Colors Honey | Brown Contact Lenses
Gorgeous golden browns blended for a rich honey eye color change.
$26.99 $34.99
Air Optix Colors Pure Hazel | Brown Contact Lenses
Highly breathable classic lens in the ever popular color.
$26.99 $34.99
BigEyes Pretty Hazel | Brown Contact Lenses
Lovely hazelnut color, beautiful eye enlargement, great vision and comfort.
$19.99 $29.99
BigEyes Sexy Brown | Brown Contact Lenses
Sexy brown color combined with eye enlarging circle and excellent vision quality.
$18.99 $29.99
BigEyes Sweet Honey | Brown Contact Lenses
Deepen your looks and make your eyes shine with golden honey flecks.
$18.99 $29.99
Brown  (N234) | Brown Contact Lenses
Hazel and amber flecks with a dark outer ring. Bright and alluring. Suits work and play.
$17.99 $28.99
Brown Clover (N534) | Brown Contact Lenses
Pretty 4 leaf pattern in shades of brown with a dark outer defining ring.
$17.99 $28.99
Brown Color Ring (N024) | Brown Contact Lenses
Natural amber bars blending to a dark outer ring defines and enlarges the iris. Great for everyday enhancement.
$17.99 $28.99
Cheerful Foamy Beige | Brown Contact Lenses
Delicate light-brown design for natural and realistic effect on the eyes. Recommended for every day use thanks to great comfort and corrective powers.
$19.99 $29.99
Cheerful Woody Brown | Brown Contact Lenses
Golden-colored iris with 14.5 diameter. Perfect for dark eyes and people who need vision correction.
$19.99 $29.99
Elegance Brown | Brown Contact Lenses
Natural woody browns and grays blended with a dark outer ring. Deep smouldering looks for any eye color.
$13.67 $19.99
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Brown Lenses Suitable for Everyone

At first sight, brown may not seem to be a very exciting color. However, our brown contact lens selection includes a wide range of interesting and attention-grabbing shades and tones. Dark chocolate contacts, for instance, can be a great success at an elegant party, while ‘glamour honey’ ones will likely make a lasting impression on a first date. What is more, this category contains options for the fans of horror and fantasy movies who like to turn into vampires or other unreal creatures on special occasions. The number of choices that we have here will satisfy the most specific needs and tastes.

As make-up specialists point out, brown colored contact lenses work well with all skin complexions, so they can be worn by practically anybody. What is more, most colored contacts offered by Optyk Rozmus are manufactured in standard powers, base curves and diameters, which means that they can be used instead of regular contacts or glasses, providing fantastic vision and comfort.

Look around and we’re sure you will find something for yourself here!