ColourVue Crazy Black Screen Contact Lenses

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ColourVue Crazy Black Screen Contact Lenses

Reasons to buy ColourVue Crazy Black Screen Contact Lenses

All the Screen series from ColourVue Crazy Lens share a common feature - a special colored mesh that - even though it covers the whole eye - allows vision. ColourVue Black Screen contact lenses have been designed for people who would like to make their eyes black but are after an unusual look. Special mesh design provides a very freaky effect, especially on light-colored eyes.

Key features :

  • 2 lenses per box
  • 8.6 BC, 14mm Diameter
  • ONE year permanent lenses in vial
  • Patented hydrogel material
  • High Oxygen permeability
  • Exceptional comfort
  • European CE approved, ISO 9001
  • 3-layer coloring
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