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Black Contact Lenses

Versatile fashion addition for various events and day to day use.

Angel Dust 22mm Sclera | Black Contact Lenses
Black sclera lens with a yellow area covering the iris - great for cosplay and costume parties.
$95.99 $119.99
Apocalypse 22mm Sclera | Black Contact Lenses
Completely black sclera with white flecks around the pupil and outer edge. Ideal for cosplay and stage.
$95.99 $119.99
BigEyes Awesome Black | Black Contact Lenses
Enlarged black iris with flecks of silver gray surrounding the pupil. Fantastic for daily use, goes with with just about any outfit.
$19.99 $29.99
BigEyes Defined Ring | Black Contact Lenses
Large black iris with thread like gray defining pattern. Subtle sexy look for any occasion.
$19.99 $29.99
BigEyes Dolly Black | Black Contact Lenses
Bright big black eyes provide a very striking effect. Suits formal occasions and any makeup style.
$19.99 $29.99
Black Cat (N018) | Black Contact Lenses
Beautiful gray feather-like pattern circles the pupil. Blends well with most eye colors.
$17.99 $29.99
Black Clover (N539) | Black Contact Lenses
Give your eyes a beautiful enlarged iris with a unique black clover design which will make them look deeper and sexier.
$17.99 $28.99
Black Diamond (N519) | Black Contact Lenses
Delicate diamond lowlights add depth and interest. Blends naturally on most eye colors.
$17.99 $29.99
Black Flames (N529) | Black Contact Lenses
Dark style that blends with your own eye color while enlarging the iris.
$17.99 $29.99
Black Screen | Black Contact Lenses
Covers both iris and pupil with with a fine black mesh pattern. Striking theatrical undead look.
$21.99 $28.99
Black Titan 17mm Mini Sclera | Black Contact Lenses
Mesmerising and very large deep black iris, ideal for costume parties, cosplay or just attracting attention.
$24.99 $31.99
Blackhole Sun 17mm Mini Sclera | Black Contact Lenses
Mini sclera contact lenses with the diameter of 17mm - easy to wear and comfortable in use and yet such a striking effect! Order now!
$24.99 $31.99
BlackOut | Black Contact Lenses
Naturally sized iris in solid black. Your imagination is the only limiting factor.
$21.99 $28.99
Fluffy Black (N079) | Black Contact Lenses
Perfect for those who like a bit of extravagance and a sexy look but also value comfort. Go beautifully with any make-up color.
$17.99 $28.99
FreshLook Illuminate Jet Black | Black Contact Lenses
Black daily disposable iris enlarging contact lenses . They are made using a dual-layer printing technology to match the natural shades of your eyes. A black ring gives a striking, sexy effect.
$16.99 $26.99
Gremlin 22mm Sclera | Black Contact Lenses
Tokyo Ghoul's Ken Kaneki inspired look - black sclera and red iris is exactly what you need for your cosplay.
$95.99 $119.99
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Uses for Black Contacts

Black contacts are considered to be a very universal type of colored lenses. This is because they areabsolutely suitable for everyday use (as an intriguing fashion accessory) and for special occasions,including Halloween parties and various cultural events, such as important movie premieres or comicbook conventions.

Obviously, black contact lenses look the most natural when worn by people with dark skincomplexion, who may even appear not to be using any colored contacts at all. However, there arealso options for people who have a light skin in this category. These black contacts are a little lessintense and often include shades of other colors, which give them additional depth and allow you tocreate a stunning new look.

In this category, you can find special, larger-diameter lenses that will visually enlarge your irises (and,consequently, your entire eyes). Due to their size, such lenses are perfect as elements of costumes.After all, you are much more likely to make a terrifying impression as a werewolf or an alien if youreyes appear unnaturally big.