How to wear scleral contact lenses?

If you are after a striking effect for your eyes for a Halloween party or cosplay costume, scleral contact lenses are a great choice. They are large 22mm diameter, zero power, color contact lenses that cover your whole eye. Thanks to their large size and the amazing effect they provide, they are often used in the film industry instead of fancy special effects. You can buy yourself a pair here.

Due to the fact that slceral contacts are much bigger than regular ones, they require a different technique that will take some time to get used to. Especially people who are experienced users of regular contact lenses. Don't worry though, it is not as hard as it might seem and with a bit of practice you will turn into a scleral lens master. The secret is to slide the lens underneath your upper eyelid. It's actually easier to do it with scleral contacts than with regular ones, because they are more rigid and not as floppy.

Scleral contacts can be cleaned, rinsed and stored in a regular contact lens solution, but they do require a bigger, specialised container. Optyk Rozmus will send you such a container if you order sclerals from us, so don't worry about getting it separately.

Remember to visit your eye doctor before buying scleral contact lenses for the first time - this advice doesn't change regardless of the type of lenses you buy. You need to have your eyes checked before putting anything in them, even if it's just for fun.

Watch the video embedded in this article to learn how to wear and take out scleral lenses from an experienced user.