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How to use and care for contact lenses?

No matter whether you wear colored contact lenses or corrective ones, you need to know how to handle them properly in order to avoid infection or eye injury. Before you buy your first pair of contacts, make sure to see an eye care specialist to get your contact lens fitting done. To find out why this is so important, read this article.

So now you have your first box of contact lenses, it's time to practice using them. Watch the video below to learn how to wear and take care off contact lenses.

If you feel that the video didn't cover all issues, here are some more tips:

  1. Before touching contact lenses make sure that your hands are totally clean and dry.
  2. Put in your contact lenses before applying make up to your eyes.
  3. Don't wear contact lenses for swimming or showering - contact lenses contaminated with water can be very dangerous to the health of your eyes.
  4. For the same reason don't ever use water to rinse or clean contact lenses. Use only good quality contact lens solutions.
  5. Don't forget to take contact lenses out before going to bed (unless they are continuous wear contact lenses which can be worn over night).
  6. Don't use contact lenses longer than you are supposed to. Stick to replacement schedules provided by the manufacturer or your eye doctor.
  7. In order to avoid contaminating one eye with germs from the other eye, don't mix your contact lenses up - always wear the same lens on your left eye and the other lens on your right eye.
  8. It's worth shaking your contact lens container before opening it in order to unglue contacts from the lids.
  9. Use rewetting eye drops if your eyes feel dry and irritated while using contacts. If that doesn't help, speak to your eye doctor.
  10. Never use somebody else's contacts!

Make up users should remember not to use certain products, that might irritate their eyes, such as waterproof eye pencils and mascaras, oily make up removers and eye shadows with glitter. They should also use eye primer instead of concealer on their eyelids and avoid using eye creams on their upper eyelids. In order to minimize the risk of infection, they should always keep their make up brushes and sponges fresh and clean.

Optyk Rozmus is happy to advise you on any matter regarding contact lens use and care, so if you still have doubts or questions, don't hesitate to email us on cs@optykrozmus.com.