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Neo Cosmo Contact Lenses

Beautiful designs and vivid colors

2 Tone Aqua (N226) Contact Lenses
$11.99 $28.99
2 Tone Blue (N221) Contact Lenses
$11.99 $28.99
2 Tone Brown (N224) Contact Lenses
$11.99 $28.99
2 Tone Green (N222) Contact Lenses
$11.99 $28.99
2 Tone Grey (N225) Contact Lenses
$11.99 $28.99
2 Tone Hazel (N227) Contact Lenses
$11.99 $28.99
2 Tone Honey (N228) Contact Lenses
$11.99 $28.99
2 Tone Violet (N223) Contact Lenses
$11.99 $28.99
3 Tone Aqua (N326) Contact Lenses
$11.99 $28.99
3 Tone Blue (N321) Contact Lenses
$11.99 $28.99
3 Tone Grey (N325) Contact Lenses
$11.99 $28.99
Aqua (N236) Contact Lenses
$11.99 $28.99
Black Cat (N018) Contact Lenses
$11.99 $29.99
Black Clover (N539) Contact Lenses
$11.99 $28.99
Black Diamond (N519) Contact Lenses
$11.99 $29.99
Black Flames (N529) Contact Lenses
$11.99 $29.99
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Are Neo Cosmo contact lenses safe?

Yes - beautiful, safe and comfortable. What else can you expect from colored contact lenses? Neo Cosmo lenses, though they’re not usually listed among the most popular brands of contacts, really have it all and we can recommend them to anyone who would like to change their appearance without making any compromises on the way.

The manufacturer of Neo Cosmo contact lenses, Neo Vision Co., Ltd is a Korean company established more than 25 years ago. Its innovative products are developed on the basis of long experience in research and the latest advances in contact lens technology. As a result, Neo Cosmo lenses have been gaining excellent reputation for their high quality in the exceptionally demanding and competitive American, European and Japanese markets.

Available in a large number of fantastic designs, Neo Cosmo colored contact lenses utilize a patented ‘Sandwich’ technology, which consists in placing the dyes making up their patterns between two layers of regular lens material, this way ensuring both durability, comfort and extra safety.

To ensure you don’t need to wear glasses over these gorgeous lenses, they are manufactured in an extensive range of corrective powers. Consequently, they’re a great option for everyone who wants to wear colored contacts on a daily basis instead of clear lenses. And, since the Neo Cosmo family uses the latest manufacturing technologies (such as multi-curve, aspheric design), you can rest assured that you won’t complain about the vision they provide.

Officially approved by the FDA, the lenses feature highly breathable and wettable materials, which means they feel comfortable all day long and can be worn for long hours without any breaks or the necessity to take rewetting eye drops. What’s more, if maintained properly, they can be used for up to three months without a significant reduction in visual performance or comfort. Just clean them in the evening, put in a sterile storage case for the night and enjoy all their benefits throughout the next day.

And the designs that Neo Cosmo contact lenses offer are truly spectacular. Two- and three-toned patterns, brilliantly added geometric (e.g., looking like diamonds or other precious stones) and other, more abstract shapes create stunning effects without making your eyes look strange or unnatural. Some of them are perfect for daily use (boosting your self-confidence at work and during social activities), others are more suitable for special events, like parties and other celebrations. In any case, they can make you feel quite special, beautiful and sexy.

Check out our collection of Neo Cosmo colored contact lenses now! You’re bound to find something ideal for you!

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