Contact Lens Brands

As the contact lens market expands, more and more brands are available for the customer to choose from. It’s a great thing cause it forces companies to lower their prices. On the other hand though, they may also lower the quality of their products. Fortunately at Optyk Rozmus we know which contact lens brands are reliable and we sell only these.

In our online shop you will find contacts from the best manufacturers such as Alcon (formerly Ciba Vision), CooperVision, Johnson & Johnson and Bausch & Lomb. We also stock great crazy contact lenses from ColourVue, one of the best brands manufacturing novelty and colored contacts. One of our hit brands is Neo Cosmo - their colours are fantastic.

The quality of contact lenses and contact lens accessories cannot be overstated. It can significantly influence your health and comfort. Therefore it is important to choose only well-known and tested products. Optyk Rozmus is proud to offer only the best quality contact lenses and accessories. With us your eyes will be safe, healthy and happy!